We believe accessories make the hearing experience even better. So we design ours to solve real problems for patients. We make sure they are simple to use. And we flow the natural sound patients love through them so listening is always satisfying.

TV Connector

Thisaccessory can automatically switch hearing instruments to the TV program and frees patients from wearing a streamer. Patients instantly enjoy high-quality stereo sound, wirelessly.

Charger for Moxi Jump R

Use this charger to charge Moxi Jump R hearing instruments.

Charger power pack

Use this charger power pack to offer additional charge to Moxi Jump R, without the need of plugging the charging case into an outlet.

Rechargeable kit

Use this handy kit to easily convert a rechargeable hearing instrument.

Remote Control 2

Perfect for patients who want more control over their listening experience, Remote control 2 lets them discreetly and easily adjust volume and switch programs.

IIC Remote

This tiny remote lets patients conveniently adjust volume or switch between programs.


Patients experience stereo sound through easy, more discreet connectivity to wireless devices, like mobile phones, TVs and Bluetooth MP3 players.

uDirect 3

This sleek, hands-free accessory lets patients enjoy direct connections to communication and entertainment devices, like mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers and MP3 players.


This personal wireless microphone system lets patients hear their companions more easily in challenging listening environments.

uTV 3

uTV3 delivers the sound from the TV directly to both hearing instruments, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for patients who like to be entertained by TV.

Remote Plus app

Patients wearing hearing instruments can use the Remote Plus app to share in-the-moment impressions of their hearing instrument performance, all from their smartphone.

uControl app

Patients can use their smartphones to adjust hearing instruments and share in-the-moment feedback on performance.