Your Journey

We are passionate about your care and understand just how important your hearing is. To meet all your hearing needs, we have developed a unique approach so that we can look after the health of your ears, as well as your hearing, from the first time we see you. 


We offer a fully mobile service so every single appointment, including follow-ups, takes place in the comfort of your own home or room. This means you can be sure to receive the care you need no matter what your circumstances and in an environment you are most at ease.

We understand the importance of building relationships. We want to properly understand what your needs are and what is important to you. That is why we aim to ensure you see the same audiologist for every single appointment.  

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Everyone we see will receive a free Ear and Hearing Health Check. Your journey with us begins with a short 10-minute assessment to check the health of the ear and identify any concerns or build-up of wax.

If a hearing loss is identified, we offer a free and comprehensive Full Hearing Assessment during which you will undergo a series of further tests to identify the type of hearing loss.

We understand that buying a hearing aid is an important decision. Our audiologist will go through the different options to suit your individual needs. With a FLEX:TRIAL, our audiologist can monitor how and where you use your hearing aid so that it can be tailored to your specific requirements.

To get the best from your hearing aids, we believe that aftercare is just as important as choosing the right hearing aid. That is why we will continue to visit you regulary and make sure that they really are making a difference to your life.

We encourage loved ones to attend appointments with you but understand this is not always possible. We use a video otoscope to check the ear so that you can see for yourself what our audiologist has found. If a loved one cannot be present, we are also able to send them a copy of your results, ensuring full transparency and peace of mind for everyone.